The 4ocean TrashTracker

pounds of trash removed from the ocean and coastlines by
4ocean employees on behalf of our customers since 2017.

How we operate

We clean the ocean and coastlines by making investments in people, technology, and equipment.


We hire captains and cleanup crews that use our fleet of vessels to recover ocean plastic and other harmful marine debris seven days a week.


We’re installing barricades
at river mouths to prove they’re an effective way to stop the flow of plastic from land into the ocean.

New Technology

We engineer and invest in equipment that collects plastic and other marine debris from waterways so it can’t enter the ocean.

Where we operate
We have captains and crews cleaning the ocean and coastlines in and around these operational centers seven days a week. All of the pounds of trash counted in our TrashTracker™ are pulled from these locations by our professional cleanup crews.




Haiti Cleanup Crew
Bali Medewi Cleanup Crew
Bali Jembrana Cleanup Crew
Florida Cleanup Crew
Frequently Asked Questions
These are just a few of our most commonly asked questions. You can find even more answers in our Help Center.