Ocean plastic is a global problem, but some areas are more severely impacted than others. After identifying the Haitian coast as a high-impact area, we built our newest cleanup division headquarters in Port-au-Prince. Now we’re cleaning the ocean and coastlines of Haiti...one pound at a time.


The 4ocean Haiti team is more than 80 people strong and will continue to grow as we scale our Ocean Plastic Recovery campaign.


The team strives to pull around 3,000 pounds of plastic and trash from the ocean and coastlines in Haiti every single day.


Local fishermen are employed as captains and crews on one of our 8 cleanup vessels or as members of our coastline cleanup teams.


About 4ocean Haiti

We first identified the entire Haitian coast as a high-impact area, or an area where lots of plastic and trash enter the ocean. These are areas where our cleanup efforts will make the biggest difference for the ocean and the local community. As a starting point to facilitate our cleanup efforts in and around the Caribbean, we’ve opened our newest Cleanup Division in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Our primary goal is to clean the plastic and trash already polluting Haiti by focusing on river mouths where we can intercept and recover it before it enters the ocean. We’re partnering with a privately-held recycling facility in Port-au-Prince to ensure that the ocean plastic we recover is properly recycled and the other marine debris we collect is disposed of properly, too. We’re also creating and joining local awareness programs to help educate affected communities about the impacts plastic has on the ocean and their local environment. By sharing these impacts, we can help change behaviors and prevent more plastic and trash from entering the ocean.


Boca Raton, Florida

US Headquarters

The coastal city of Boca Raton is where the 4ocean movement to clean the ocean and coastlines began back in January 2017. It’s also where we pulled our first official pound of trash. So it only makes sense that Boca Raton is home to our US Headquarters. You’ll also find our Global Fulfillment Center and our first Cleanup Operations Facility located nearby. Each of these locations is a crucial part of our ongoing mission to clean the ocean and coastlines...one pound at a time.


Bali, Indonesia

International Headquarters

The 4ocean movement comes full circle with the opening of our first International Headquarters in Bali, Indonesia, where our founders first had the idea to build 4ocean. This tropical island has some of the most pristine oceans and beaches on the planet, but they’re also heavily polluted by ocean plastic. Since opening, cleanup efforts are growing, new economies are being created, and local communities are being educated on sustainability so we can solve this global problem together.

We have cleaned the ocean and coastlines in 27 countries so far!
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