We can’t end the ocean
plastic crisis without you.
Join us.

We can’t end the ocean
plastic crisis without you.
Join us.


COVID -19 Update

Due to the restrictions put in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus, all 4ocean events are currently on hold until further notice. We are working hard to develop an updated event calendar for the remainder of 2020 and will be sharing that plan in the near future. We look forward to the day when we can bring the clean ocean movement back together again for community beach cleanups and so much more. Until then, here are some other ways to get involved:
  • Continue to spread the word about ocean plastic pollution
  • Support legislation and petitions against ocean plastic pollution
  • Pledge to eliminate or reduce your single-use plastic footprint
  • Support groups and organizations who are fighting to protect our oceans and marine life
  • Continue pulling pounds of trash by purchasing 4ocean products

Recent Events

We were joined by 1,303 ocean warriors who recovered 11,256 cigarette butts, 1,386 bottle caps, and more from the beach.

4ocean Community Beach Cleanup
Deerfield Beach, Florida
February 8, 2020

We joined the folks at Manatee Lagoon to educate families about plastic pollution and protecting the environment.

West Palm Beach, Florida
February 1, 2020

4ocean inspired 1,339 ocean loves to come together and remove 1,251 bottle caps and 732 plastic straws from the beach.

4ocean Community Beach Cleanup
St. Petersburg, Florida
January 25, 2020

More than a beach cleanup! We hosted a festival with panel discussions, an educational village, live music, and much more.

Kolektif by 4ocean
Boca Raton, Florida
December 14, 2019


We’re looking for volunteers!

Hosting community beach cleanups isn’t easy. If you are interested in working side-by-side with the 4ocean crew to make sure our cleanups are exciting and educational experiences, please click the link below and let us know a little bit more about you.

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