Lonely Whale brings courageous ideas to life to save the ocean

Our $25,000 donation to Lonely Whale supports vital youth education, impact campaigns, and scalable solutions to single-use plastics.

Inspired by the power of community to create the change we need to ensure a healthy planet, Lonely Whale facilitates the creation of innovative ideas that push the boundaries of technology, media, and advocacy to positively impact the health of the ocean.

Lonely Whale’s story

Every action they take falls under one of these three guiding pillars:

  • Vital education that empowers the next generation of ocean heroes through education and action within their communities
  • Impact campaigns that use smart and captivating content to spark viral, global movements that transcend both demographics and geography to create measurable impact
  • Scalable solutions that engage companies and social-impact entrepreneurs to create new business models and practices that minimize environmental impact

Founded by actor and UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador Adrian Grenier and producer Lucy Sumner, Lonely Whale operates on the principle of radical collaboration. Speaking to the hearts and minds of individuals, Lonely Whale leverages storytelling to create an affinity for a healthy ocean through a human-centric lens.

Lonely Whale is responsible for some of the most viral clean ocean campaigns including #StopSucking, Strawless In Seattle, and Question How You Hydrate. Through these campaigns, they’ve inspired and empowered millions of people around the world to change their relationship with single-use plastic.

Even more inspiring, together with Captain Planet Foundation and founding partner Point Break Foundation, Lonely Whale has collaboratively launched the Ocean Heroes Network to empower existing and emerging youth ages 11–18 to create campaigns that measurably reduce plastic in their communities around the world.

Lonely Whale is also the change agent behind NextWave Plastics, an innovative coalition of companies that are building supply chains to keep plastic in the economy and out of the ocean. NextWave member companies are on track to divert more than 25 thousand tons of plastic — the equivalent of 1.2 billion single-use plastic water bottles — from polluting the ocean by 2025.

Question How You Hydrate

A collaboration between Lonely Whale and Point Break Foundation, the Question How You Hydrate campaign is waking the world up to the problem with our reliance on single-use plastic water bottles. It empowers consumers to choose and champion sustainable alternatives through the #HydrateLike social media challenge.

Strawless In Seattle

The first campaign of its kind, Strawless In Seattle was created by Lonely Whale to support its global, coalition-driven Strawless Ocean initiative to remove 500 million plastic straws from the U.S. waste stream. The one-month campaign ushered in city-wide policy change, banning non-compostable, single-use plastic straws and cutlery, and removing 2.3 million single-use plastic straws from the city in one month alone.


Launched in August of 2017, the viral social media campaign challenged individuals, organizations, and brands to pledge their commitment to #StopSucking on single-use plastic straws. In its first four months, the campaign reached nearly 350 million people in over 40 countries and territories and kickstarted the now global conversation around single-use plastics within pop culture.

NextWave Plastics

NextWave Plastics is a collaborative and open-source initiative convening leading technology and consumer-focused companies to develop the first global network of ocean-bound plastics supply chains. Since its launch, NextWave member companies have been developing their product use cases to demonstrate the viability of integrating ocean-bound plastics found in areas such as Indonesia, Chile, Philippines, Cameroon, and Denmark into their supply chains.

Lonely Whale hosts a bootcamp that transforms kids into plastic-fighting superheroes

Ocean Heroes Bootcamp is a three-day program that empowers existing and emerging international youth leaders aged 11 to 18 to create their own campaigns to help beat plastic pollution. Developed by Lonely Whale, Captain Planet Foundation, and supported by founding partner Point Break Foundation, the Bootcamp is based on the premise that youth have the power to change the world.

2019 Ocean Heroes Bootcamp

In just two short years, Ocean Heroes Bootcamp-trained youth have changed single-use plastic policies in their school systems, cities, states, and across their islands and countries; they've upended supply chains and they've changed the consumption choices of their peers. There is no end to what these young people can accomplish with OHBC tools, amplification, and collaboration.

Leesa Carter-Jones

President and CEO of Captain Planet Foundation

Ocean Heroes Bootcamp is an opportunity for young leaders to connect with and learn from their peers. Bootcamp attendees participate in seminars and workshops focused on:

  • Science education
  • Global plastics policy
  • Critical campaigning
  • “Artivism”
  • Media literacy
  • Idea incubation
  • Articulating impact
  • Peer-to-peer leadership
  • Corporate communication

The campaigns created by Ocean Heroes during and after the bootcamp support the achievement UN SDG 14.1 by 2025 and strengthen the global Clean Seas campaign goal to turn the tide on plastic.

This year’s Ocean Heroes Bootcamp will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, from June 26–29, 2020, and is open to all youth leaders ages 11–18. Submit an application to attend the Ocean Heroes Bootcamp before registration closes on March 31. Travel Scholarships are available.

Take action with Lonely Whale

Ocean Heroes Bootcamp

This year’s Ocean Heroes Bootcamp will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, from June 26–29, 2020 and is open to all youth leaders ages 11–18. Submit an application to attend the Ocean Heroes Bootcamp before registration closes on March 31.


Plastic straws are just one of many single-use plastics that end up in the ocean, polluting the water and harming sea life. Join the movement For A Strawless Ocean and take action against plastic pollution with a pledge to #StopSucking on single-use plastic.

Museum of Plastic

The Museum of Plastic is a traveling educational experience that illuminates the realities of single-use plastic and inspires visitors to #HydrateLike they know the facts about single-use plastic water bottles.

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