October 2-Pound Pack

October 2-Pound Pack

One bracelet. One pound.
$40.00 (USD)

Double your impact with the 2-Pound Pack!

Our 2-Pound Pack pulls two pounds of trash from the ocean and coastlines. It features the original 4ocean Bracelet, a symbol of your commitment to the clean ocean movement, and this month’s new bracelet, which highlights the urgent need to stop bottom trawling and protect vulnerable and overexploited seahorses. These bracelets represent your contribution to the clean ocean movement and seahorse conservation.

  • Funds the removal of two pounds of trash from the ocean and coastlines
  • Unisex, waterproof design
  • Adjustable from 2” to 5” in diameter
  • Stainless steel 4ocean charm
  • Hand assembled in Bali
  • Made with post-consumer recycled materials, including a small amount (less than 5%) of ocean plastic and ocean glass.

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