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The Problem

Up to 90% of ocean plastic pollution starts on land and enters the ocean through river mouths.

Overproduction of single-use plastics and the absence of recycling infrastructure in developing countries is creating a crisis.
Plastic accumulates on the ground where rain and floods wash it into rivers and canals that carry it to the ocean.

5 Ways Ocean Plastic Impacts the Planet

1. Contributes to climate change

Light causes plastic to emit greenhouse gases that warm the planet. As the planet gets hotter, plastics emit even more gas in a dangerous feedback loop.

2. Threatens global food security

Microplastics have been found in tap and bottled water, fish and mussel tissue, even beer. More research is needed to determine its human impact.

3. Undermines human health

In areas with no access to recycling facilities or waste management, entire communities live among their waste and suffer from devastating epidemics.

4. Kills wildlife

Sea animals are ingesting and getting tangled in ocean plastic at an alarming rate. Some species are being driven to extinction by plastic pollution.

5. Cripples local economies

Communities who rely on the ocean’s bounty for their livelihoods are finding it harder to find fish among the plastic and have few alternatives to earn a living.

Did you know?

Scientists have found microplastics inside 114 different aquatic species.

Did you know?

About 70% of marine debris will sink to the bottom of the ocean if it's not collected.

The Solution

Build an economy that prevents plastic pollution by giving ocean plastic value.

Our ocean plastic recovery technology has been designed by engineers to recover plastic on a global scale.
It will proactively eliminate river mouths as a source of plastic pollution and can respond quickly to crisis situations.

Did you know?

For each deployment, 50–100 people from the local community are employed to operate this technology.

Ocean Plastic Recovery Vessel

This offshore supply vessel transports our custom equipment to high-impact areas and can haul up to 310,000 pounds of reclaimed ocean plastic.

Barricade System

Anchored in high-impact river mouths, our barricades stop plastic flowing into the ocean. The OPR vessel can also tow this system to collect plastic in the open ocean.

Munson Landing Craft

Supports the OPR vessel during barricade deployment and transports thousands of pounds of reclaimed plastic to our recycling facilities.

Panga Boats

Small and easily maneuverable, these fishing boats make it easy for our fishermen to collect and transport reclaimed plastic to the OPR vessel.

Amphibious Excavator

Recovers plastic from areas in and around river mouths where people can’t go. The custom claw collects plastic and leaves dirt and natural debris behind.

The Impact

A global economy that funds ocean cleanups and improves millions of lives.

The OPR campaign will create jobs for local fishermen and improve the quality of life in their communities.
Our reclaimed ocean plastic will be given new life by manufacturers and eliminate the need for virgin plastics.

Improved living conditions for millions

Removing plastic from coastal environments creates cleaner, safer living conditions for the millions of people who live there.

Better jobs and more opportunities

We provide local fishermen with a reliable source of income that creates new opportunities for growth, equality, education, and prosperity.

Growth and sustainable innovation

Bringing manufacturers a reliable source of high quality recycled ocean plastic eliminates the need for virgin plastics and supports sustainable innovation.

Let's end the plastic pollution crisis together.

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