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lbs collected trash

Our professional cleanup crews have recovered millions of pounds of ocean plastic and other harmful marine debris since 2017

Week of


FLORIDA (US) PENDING Heavy trash concentration from hurricane season
BALI (IND) PENDING Focus on local river mouths and estuaries
HAITI (HT) PENDING Canal de Saint-Marc cleanup
GUATEMALA (GTM) 0 LBS We’re stoked to start recovering ocean plastic in Central America!

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Where we operate


4ocean Bali recovers ocean plastic along the island’s southwest coast from Denpasar to Jembrana.

67 workers / 5 boat captains / 1 operational managers


Daily cleanups span the east coast of Florida from Stuart to Miami. Our headquarters are located in Boca Raton.

20 workers / 12 boat captains / 1 operational manager


4ocean Haiti operates in and around Carrefour, Port-au-Prince, Luly, and Saint Marc.

81 workers / 8 boat captains / 1 operational manager


With headquarters in Puerto Barrios, we have unique access to some of Central America’s most polluted rivers, bays, and coastlines. We’re stoked to expand our operations and start testing innovative river and ocean cleanup technologies.

Cleaning the ocean creates jobs, improves living conditions, and provides new opportunities


Our deployments range from a hands-on approach to all-new, clean ocean technologies

Boats, Boots, Booms

Our captains and crews clean the ocean and coastlines 7 days a week. They also service booms installed at river mouths that prevent the inflow of plastic from land-based sources. Every member of our crew does whatever it takes to remove harmful marine debris.

Innovation & Technology

We engineer and invest in technology that has the potential to stop the inflow of plastic into the ocean and transform recovered ocean plastic into new and useful products. Recent innovations include skimmers, excavators, and a large recovery vessel.


In addition to cleaning the ocean, we’re addressing the causes and impacts of ocean plastic pollution


Changing consumption habits on land can prevent plastic from entering the ocean

People can’t be part of the solution until they’re aware of the problem. Our job is to help people understand the causes of the ocean plastic crisis and empower them to act. From lesson plans for educators to regional beach cleanups and events, we’re committed to sharing our knowledge and inspiring action on behalf of the ocean.


From farm to finished product, our entire supply chain is environmentally and socially responsible

All of our products are designed, sourced, and produced with an ocean-first mentality. We view waste as a design flaw and ensure that every product we create can be recycled or reused when it reaches the end of its useful life. And of course, every product we introduce comes with our One Pound Promise. Shop our products


We’ve donated more than $450,000 to ocean cleanup and marine conservation organizations

We know the ocean plastic crisis won’t be solved by one person, one company, or one organization. Because of this, we actively seek partnerships with nonprofits and like-minded organizations that have a proven track record of driving positive change for the environment and our planet. Meet this month’s partner


Commit to a cleaner ocean


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